An Explanation on How Bail Bonds Work


Bail bonds are common in most justice systems. They provide a person with the opportunity of being free before trial and sentencing. However, not many people understand the process of bail bonds. Explained below are details on how the bonds work.

When an arrest is made
Once an individual is arrested, he is taken to court. Soon after, a preliminary hearing takes place. At this point, you are free to plead innocent or guilty. Depending on the side you lie, the charges sets the bail amount at this point.

After setting the bail
Once you are aware of the amount, you can pay for it in order to be freed from jail. You can pay the amount to that jail or the court clerk, depending on the rules governing your state. Note that there are states that require people to pay the bonds to bondsmen. These are third-party individuals who are authorized by the court to handle the cash. Once the payment is through, you are set free until the trial date.

Awaiting the trial
Once you are freed from jail, it is your responsibility to ensure that you attend your hearing at the right time. Once you fail to attend the hearing, your bond cash is lost and an warrant of arrest is issued for your arrest, view website here!

After the trial
If you prove to be innocent, all charges against you get cleared. However, if you are guilty, you may end up paying additional fines and in other cases additional jail time too. Note that you have the right to claim the bond fee you paid. Depending on your state, you could get the full amount, or a bit less. Visit and learn more about bail bonds.


Note that states have different ways of handling bail bonds. If you are about to go through the process, consider the help of a professional. Take advantage of asking the expert as many questions as possible. You can also seek the help of a person who has been bonded before. Such a person would be ideal given that he has already gone through the process. If you want to get a cheap bail bond, you have to get a professional who can advise you accordingly. At times, it is better to hire a person who can bargain for you especially if you have no clue on bail bond matters. Check out various websites for more information regarding bail bonds, click here to get started !